“Framework agreement is a contract concluded between one or more contracting entities and one or more entities with a view to disciplining future contractual relations to be established over a given period of time by means of advance fixing of their terms.” (Article 251º of the CCP).

Framework agreements pre-qualify suppliers and set out the conditions and requirements they are required to meet in terms of prices, deadlines, levels of service and quality of service, among other things.

Hiring under a framework agreement presupposes the existence of two competitive moments:


1st Competitive Moment: Conclusion of the framework agreement

  • Consulting the Market: Promotion of public tenders laying down, for each procedure, the conditions of supply and the maximum price or minimum discount to be made – Drawing up common specifications (covering all the needs and requirements of the municipalities that make up the central purchasing office);
  • Evaluation of proposals: Evaluation of proposals submitted on the basis of defined technical and financial requirements;
  • Selection of competitors: Selection and ordering based on defined criteria (lowest price or most economically advantageous).
  • Conclusion of the framework agreement with established suppliers.


2nd Competitive Moment: Centralization of acquisitions under framework agreements

Once the agreement has been concluded, the municipalities that integrate the central purchasing body will be able to launch direct adjustment procedures, regardless of the value, provided they invite all suppliers verified.

  • Request for Proposals: Consultation with all qualified suppliers under the framework agreement;
  • Adjudication: Adjudication of the most economically advantageous or lowest price tender in accordance with the criteria laid down in the framework agreement;

The agreed framework agreements are available to all of the entities participating in the Central of Purchases, so they consider their use to be advantageous, that is, none of the adherent entities is bound to use any of the framework agreements.